Sunday, July 5, 2009

Open mouth insert foot.

So I was at YAPC:NA, which for people new to perl, is probably both the cheapest and highest quality perl conference in North America and you should totally go. And I was sitting at lunch with, among other people, Richard Dice the President of The Perl Foundation. We talked about all sorts of things. Kids daycare in Canada versus the US. Finding time to volunteer in the perl community. You know, lunch and new acquaintance blather. When it came to which talk we were going to next, I found myself uttering the words "Nah... I'm not going to [some talk]. It's about perl6 which is sort of irrelevant."

The table got quiet. Not crickets and staring at me quiet, but definitely "Yea. You're not actually as smart as I thought you were" quiet. Because saying perl6 is irrelevant to the President of The Perl Foundation.... well. It's sorta like telling a mother her baby is ugly. Both pointless and rude.

So herewith, I take it back. Your baby's not ugly. I'm just way more enamored of ways of making perl5 take on some of the utility and cleanness of perl6 than I am of getting to use perl6 since I can't actually use it yet. To mix metaphors, I hate admiring candy I don't get to eat yet. And oddly though I like other people's children, I'm not fond of their baby pictures much either.

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